Photo: ©NeilGandhi


Lauren Clausen fell in love with the practice of yoga during her first class in 2008 and hasn’t stopped moving ever since. As a 200hr graduate of the Radiant Yoga School and a Level 2 Certified AcroYoga teacher, Lauren has spent the last 10 years practicing, training, and sharing many modalities of movement and healing. In a Vinyasa class, Lauren aims to guide students through asana, while allowing them to search for what their body really needs. Lauren is a firm believer that sometimes advanced yoga means taking a nap and often encourages students to explore questions like – In the heat of the pose can you find your breath? How can you make a chaturanga therapeutic?

Lauren is passionate about building community and does so by fostering trust, connection, and communication. Her AcroYoga classes are full of laughter and playfulness, while providing challenging options for all levels. Often the only prerequisites are a good attitude and willingness to try something new.

Last year Lauren stepped away from corporate life and seized the opportunity to travel the world, explore the treasures of the universe, and share her passion for yoga and AcroYoga. Lauren has taught in over 10 countries and loves interacting with each new community and culture. Lauren is currently teaching in Boston and looks forward to connecting more with her local community.

I look forward to sharing this amazing adventure with you